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Mesothelioma & Asbestos Cancer News: August, 2010

Mesothelioma & Asbestos Cancer News: August, 2010
Mesothelioma survivor dedicated to raising awareness about deadly illness
Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Florida resident Larry Davis is well aware of the challenges and hardships that face those affected by mesothelioma. Not only has he seen his father succumb to the illness after being exposed to asbestos while working at a box manufacturing company, but Davis himself is a survivor of peritoneal mesothelioma.

Because of his experiences with mesothelioma, Davis has committed himself to doing whatever it takes to raise awareness about the illness and help organizations raise money for research. Among the more significant achievements he has accomplished was the role he played in working with the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation to establish September 26 as National Mesothelioma Awareness Day after gaining the support of 50 members of Congress.

“It’s hard to believe that a group such as ours could go to [Washington D.C.] and get the attention of Congress and get them to do something,” Davis said, according to the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida-based Sun-Sentinel. “It’s huge. I feel pretty good about what we did.”

Additionally, Davis has also had a hand in the organization of a Miles for Meso 5K that took place in Boca Raton back in February and raised nearly $15,000 for MARF. Following the run, Davis, who has always been a runner, told the Chicago Tribune that the cardiovascular activity had helped him fight the disease.

“What you get out of running is more than cardiovascular. It's a whole mind-body connection,” he said. “It helps build the immune system, and that's key in fighting any disease. It's not a cure, but it makes you stronger."

For those who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma or asbestos cancer that can be linked to exposure caused by a product or former employer, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Contact an experienced mesothelioma lawyer to learn more about your rights, and to see if pursuing a mesothelioma settlement is in your best interest.

Asbestos mesothelioma lawsuit filed by victim of occupational asbestos exposure

Jack Atkins has filed a second asbestos suit against 20 companies. Atkins claims he was exposed to asbestos during his work for the companies, reports the Southeast Texas Record.

Atkins claims he developed an asbestos-related disease separate from the other, nonmalignant asbestos-related disease he had previously sued for. He alleges the disease formed as a result of inhaling toxic asbestos fibers while on the job. Atkins worked as a sheet metal worker and supervisor for 32 years.

Asbestos is a highly hazardous material, once desired for its fire retardant properties. When disturbed, the material can easily be aerosolized, and then inhaled. Such exposure has been known to cause several diseases, including asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma is the most aggressive asbestos-related disease, known to form from the internal linings of the lung, heart and abdominal cavities. The rare disease affects nearly 3,000 Americans each year.

Symptoms of the disease, such as chest pain and shortness of breath, lie dormant for 10 to 50 years. Because of this, even the best doctors struggle to diagnose patients in the early stages of their disease. And due to patients’ late diagnosis, mesothelioma treatmenttends to arrive late.

Atkins has blamed the companies for allowing their employees to work around the asbestos products. He also blames the companies for failing to warn him of the dangers related to asbestos exposure.

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Former Plumber's Helper Receives Over $2.8 Million in Mesothelioma Settlement

Former Plumber's Helper Receives Over $2.8 Million in Mesothelioma Settlement to Date
Written by Jason Wentworth
Tuesday, 31 August 2010 20:35

A 70-year old man and lifetime Yonkers, NY resident was devastated to learn that a job he held for a mere three months when he was a teenager would result in the development of mesothelioma cancer, a life-threatening form of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos.

Tragically, this form of cancer typically claims the lives of many mesothelioma cancer patients within the first 12-18 months of diagnosis. This man valiantly battled his illness for almost six years before succumbing to his disease.

Shortly after his diagnosis, the man and his family sought the assistance of the mesothelioma attorneys at Weitz & Luxenberg, one of the nation’s premier asbestos law firms.

As part of his mesothelioma lawsuit, the man provided testimony about his very brief exposure to asbestos, his eventual diagnosis and medical treatment, and how his disease was impacting his life.

The man testified that after leaving school in the 11th grade, his father helped him to secure work as a plumber’s helper at a Yonkers shipyard. During his time at the shipyard, the man recalled that he only worked on two or three commercial tanker ships that were docked at the shipyard for refitting and renovations.

He also related his duties at the shipyard, where he worked alongside the plumbers “…when [they] would take all the stuff off the piping, I was assisting them with that and putting on covering for the pipes.” In addition, the man also recalled helping the plumbers to mix the asbestos-containing cement that would be applied to pipes and other areas aboard the ships.

After only three months on the job, he decided to quit and took a job at an area grocery store. He first worked in the store’s grocery department, but was eventually transferred to the store’s vegetable and produce department. While he left the grocery store while serving in the military, he returned to the grocery store after being discharged from the Army, and worked for the grocery chain for almost 43 years.

Unfortunately, that three-month exposure to asbestos materials at the Yonkers shipyard caused him to inhale asbestos dusts and fibers, which eventually led to the development of mesothelioma almost 50 years after he was exposed to the cancer-causing mineral.

Health Problems First Develop

Several months before his 71st birthday, the man testified he began to experience chest pains and shortness of breath. He was hospitalized for what was first thought to be angina, but after his doctor reviewed a chest x-ray considered “suspicious,” the man was referred to a pulmonologist and later to a surgeon for a lung biopsy.

His surgeon gave the man the grim news that he had mesothelioma disease and that his condition was considered inoperable. His primary physician then referred the man to an oncologist, who was treating his disease with a combination of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

“Well, I Can’t Do Anything That I Used to Do...”

Since his diagnosis, the man testified that his physical health and energy levels had drastically changed since before he became sick: “Well, I can't do anything that I used to do. I used to do a lot of walking. I used to play a lot of golf. I used to be very athletic, which I can't do now. I get out of breath very fast. My breathing is very bad.”

He also testified that he is no longer able to engage in activities that he and his wife once enjoyed as a couple, including going out dancing. He also stated that in the months since his diagnosis, his energy levels and balance had been affected to the point that he needs a cane to get around.

At the time of his diagnosis, the man and his wife were dependent on their social security and pension benefits to meet their living expenses. However, throughout the man’s battle with his illness and even after his passing, his wife and adult children have been able to benefit from approximately $2.8 million secured in lawsuit settlement proceeds.
Diagnosed with Mesothelioma